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Q. Why does my employer require my driving licence to be validated?
A. Under Health and Safety and Duty of Care requirements, your employer is obliged to check that all employees who carry out business mileage for the company, no matter the distance or frequency are correctly licenced to drive. Your employer has outsourced the process to Drivetech and its sister company Intelligent Data Systems UK Limited (IDS) to minimise any inconvenience and ensure consistency. Also, by outsourcing this process to a specialist provider in the field of data management, the risk or exposure to possible data fraud is minimised due to our highly secure and encrypted systems and process. 

Q. Why does my employer not simply visually check each driver's driving licence?
A. following the abolition of the licence counterpart in June 2015 employers can no longer visually check paper copies of your licence. From an employer's perspective they need to ensure that they hold the most up to date licence information at the time of checking, which is only available from the DVLA. Using a specialist provider such as Drivetech / IDS ensures accuracy, ease of information, centralised access and a reporting function for risk assessment purposes.

Q. How will Drivetech/IDS validate my Driving Licence? 
A. Depending on the option selected by your employer, UK licences can be validated via Drivetech's Online Licence Checking service called 'Driver Consent' or by processing a completed Data Protection Mandate. 

Q. How can I complete Driver Consent?
A.Click here for a step-by-step guide or watch our userguide video

Q. How do I complete a data protection mandate? 
A. Follow the link provided within your signup invite and you will be guided through the process online. In the event you are completing a paper mandate you must complete all sections of the data protection mandate in BLACK INK AND BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS. You must sign and date the data protection mandate before returning it as per the instructions shown on the mandate. 

If you driving licence was issued in Northern Ireland you will need to complete a special Data Protection Mandate issued by the DVA (Northern Ireland). FRM will ask for your driving licence number; enter your NI licence number. FRM will recognise that it is a non-UK licence number follow the directions to download a Northern Ireland DVA mandate. 

If you hold a licence not issued by the DVLA or DVA you will need to complete a D796 data protection mandate and provide a photocopy of both sides of your licence card. Please ensure the photocopied pages have your name and your Company (Employers) name written clearly on it. Also please note on the photocopy the date you entered the UK as an overseas licence holder. Return the mandate and the photocopied licence to the address on the mandate.  

Please remember that, depending on the country of issue, you may need to apply for a provisional licence and take the UK driving test within 12 months of becoming a UK resident or exchange your home licence for a UK licence within 12 months of becoming resident. If you do not do this, you will be breaking the law, your company’s insurance may be invalid and you will not be able to drive in the UK until you have passed your driving test. For further information, please view the DRIVING IN GREAT BRITAIN (GB) AS a VISITOR OR a NEW RESIDENT page of the DVLA website:

Q. Do I need to complete a new mandate each time a check is made?
A. Data protection mandates either completed online or manually are valid for a three year period. By completing/signing the mandate you have agreed that your driving entitlement may be rechecked at any timeduring this period based upon the term and conditions your employer agreed to when engaging with Drivetech. You will be contacted when your mandate is due to expire in order to complete a new mandate. 

Q. I do not have a Company car but occasionally use my private car on Company business. Do I still need to complete a data protection mandate?
A. Yes, as a journey in your private/cash for car vehicle to company meetings, conferences, between sites etc. is classed as a business journey.




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